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Meant to be Together by Faraaz Kazi

Meant To Be TogetherMeant To Be Together by Faraaz Kazi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have been away from books, reading and everything in between for quite a long time, I'd pick up something but I just couldn't finish them. So when Sarika from The Readdicts messaged me and asked if I'd be willing to review this book I grabbed the chance because if I commit to someone then it will definitely make me read at least one book till the end. And it sure made me read from cover to cover though I may be late to post my review but I sure did read it as soon as I got the book. What made me really pick up this book was the "Inspired by True Story" tag with the dramatic synopsis.This was a quick read and I finished it in a single sitting.

The story of a sad little girl sucked me in right from the start and I was so engrossed that when things kept getting tougher for little Preeti I kept praying for her to find her good time. I was able to relate to the little girl since I was trapped in some difficult time last year and all through that time I kept assuring myself that "don't worry good times are not far away".

Even with all the difficulties Preeti successfully enters adulthood and that just warms our hearts. But, then we keep on getting one twist after the other and life keeps throwing curveballs. As a reader you find yourself cheering for Preeti because somehow this all reminds us how difficult life can in reality as well.

Enters Sameer, the best friend that I wish everyone had. He's the 2 AM friend who will not leave you alone in your pit of darkness. Seeing the friendship grow between Preeti and Sameer you understand why we need others in our life to multiply the happy times and reduce the sad times. Their friendship shows us why we should not hesitate and just grab the shoulder that we need to cry.
My favorite quote that came from Sameer:
"Why wish for something that will never be? That ends in nothing but heartbreak. We wish, then we think about how things would be if our wished come true. And we feel happy thinking about those things. But then we wake up and realize that our wishes don't have wings. And it hurts because all the happiness that we thought of was never real. Hold on to what you have, try to find your happiness is what is, rather than what should or could have been,"
"Since we can't envision the future, why even attempt to? And if we must, why should we think of bad things? Life is beautiful. Let's stay positive... don't hold yourself back, Preeti. Why be a caterpillar when you have the wings to be a butterfly?"
There are other characters too but Abhinav stole the second place. Though his was a very small portion in the story he played a crucial role of being a true friend while keeping aside his feelings and letting them cloud over his judgment. He showed what a selfless friend should be like. There are very fewer people like him but they are out there and they are precious.
My favorite nugget of wisdom from Abhinav:
" should never live with any regrets."
"So often in life, we come across people who are very, very special. If we are lucky, we forge beautiful connections with them. But life can be a real bitch at times and force us to destroy what we created. The important thing is to believe in what we created, to believe in the magic of the moment when we found those people in our lives, keep fighting until life bows down to ur wishes and lets them be a part of our existence."
The story ends with Preeti going on a crazy journey (both figuratively and literally) of realization to understand what she has and what she is on the verge of losing if she doesn't hold on tight. Her story is filled with perfect drama, sadness, moments of happiness and many other gems that our life has to offer. I think because the book is based on a true story it is easy to relate to every curve and turn. Faraz has weaved the real story with the tassels of fiction so beautifully that they merge with each other seamlessly.

The only reason I am not giving it the full stars is that I was disappointed with the end. Here we are on a very sad and crazy journey of this girl Preeti and all through the 211 pages wish for her happiness. Finally, when she finds her happy we are cut and taken to the happy ending straightaway. I like communications and clarifications of doubts because that is what I feel is most important in human relations COMMUNICATION. So I was really looking forward to the end talk but it never happened.

All in all its pretty decent story and a relateable quick read.

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