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Book Tour: Bootie and the Beast by Falguni Kothari

Fairytales don't end with True Love's Kiss, they begin with one...
Diya Mathur (aka Beauty), celebrated supermodel and Party Princess of India, is adored by everyone. She works hard, plays hard, and has the biggest shoe fetish on the planet. But after she purchases one baby bootie, Diya's reputation is in ruins. There's only one place to escape the rumours - Texas, under the protection of her lifelong friend, and secret love, Krish Menon (aka the Beast).
Financial whizz-kid, CFO and entrepreneur, Krish is a brooding workaholic with a charisma that still brings Beauty Mathur to her knees. He has no idea, of course! They've shared a bond since childhood - a special friendship that thrives on sparring, teasing and goading - but with Diya back in his life and under his roof, Krish's latent desire for her explodes. And when he finally admits to the secret that has never allowed him to commit to any woman - especially Diya - everything changes. Krish might finally realise how much he wants his Beauty. But he won't get her until Diya has tamed her Beast.

Today I have an awesome excerpt from the book Bootie and the Beast that the author Falguni Kothari is letting me share with my readers. ENJOY!!! :D

Excerpt from Bootie and the Beast

in which the Beast learns that no good deed goes unpunished. ~ Falguni.

Krish stepped back before Diya poked him again. “There’s nothing wrong in meeting him, testing the potential.”

“You…you…want me…me to meet some prospective groom my father’s plucked out of a hat?” she asked in horror.
Put like that, it did sound like a terrible idea. But he had promised Kamal Uncle he’d try and smooth the way. “He’s a great guy.”
“How would you know? Do you know him? Is he one of your best buds?”
“Well, no. I don’t know him personally,” he admitted. “But I’ve heard…”
“From Daddy,” she cut him off, derisively. “Ha! What an unbiased opinion that would be.” She breathed in and out, in and out, several times, clenching and unclenching her fists. “Fine, I’ll meet this…this paragon. When?”
Krish cleared his throat. “On Sunday. And he’s…”
She held up a hand. “Spare me the glossing over. I don’t want to hear any melodious praises about him. I don’t want to know about him second or third hand. I’ll meet him and decide for myself if we’re suited.”
Krish bit back a retort or two regarding her abnormally mature attitude. Where had she hidden it nine years ago? He didn’t mention her fixation on fairytales or princes or the charming Hasaan. Wouldn’t do any good to annoy her when she’d made his task easy. Maybe not quite so easy, he thought when she voiced her next demand.
“If I’m going to be shackled to some stranger by the end of the week then I’ll go down in glory,” cried the drama queen. “And since you’re my knave, you have to do what I say. You will take the week off. I don’t care how busy you are, Beast. If you disagree, the deal is off.”

Her mouth fell open when he agreed to her demands without arguments. He’d been working from home since the buyout, anyway, as the offices were shutting down and shifting to Wisconsin,one department at a time. He almost felt sorry for tricking Diya. Almost.

A savagely calculating look came into her eyes, belying his quick win. It made his scalp itch with unease. Her eyes swept over him from head to toe and on their way up, stopped in the periphery of his navel.

Krish sucked in a breath. While he didn’t have what Diya referred to as a god-awful jiggle-belly, he didn’t have the infamously ripped six-pack she lusted after either.

“When’s the last time you pumped iron at the gym?” She patted his gut like a mother pats a child’s head before doling out punishment.

He was going to weep for siding with her father.

“A while ago. I haven’t had time.” Or the inclination to renew his gym membership in two years, he added silently. Though, he did play a mean game of tennis and cricket every weekend.

“First project for the coming week: reacquainting you with your major muscle groups,” she declared.

Oh yeah. Paying Lady Baklava would be brutal..

About the Author:

Falguni Kothari is a non-traditional homemaker who accidently tripped on a misplaced soccer ball and fell down the writer’s rabbit hole. Having no more experience with the whole writing/publishing shebang than being a voracious reader and movie buff, it more than surprised her that she could, in fact, write a full-length novel. 
Now, several manuscripts down, when she is not trying to find a way out of her many domestic duties or cajoling her Latin dance coach to compose a rumba on Bollywood music, she is found embroiled in some or other scandal—sorry, creating stories—on her ever-faithful laptop.
She’s authored Bootie and the Beast, It’s Your Move, Wordfreak! and Scrabbulous Impressions, a short story. She rumbas across a whole smorgasbord of Social Media daily and loves to connect with most living things. 

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