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Review:London Bound by Nana Malone + a giveaway


 Book & Author details:

London Bound by Nana Malone 
(Chase Brothers #1)
Publication date: April 1st 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance


It wasn’t exactly like spunky, photography student, Abbie Nartey ran away from her life…except, that she left under the cover of darkness and put three thousand miles between her and her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal. She went to London searching for her dream. She never expected to find love, or herself.

Heir to his family’s tech fortune, sexy, Alexi Chase, is looking for freedom—from his family and from his past. What he’s not looking for is love. With secrets like his, he can’t afford to let anyone get too close. But a chance rescue has him wondering if the price of keeping secrets is too high.

Will Alexi risk losing love to keep his past hidden? Will Abbie trust herself enough to love again? Or will their pasts keep then from accepting true love?

This book contains mature themes and is intended for audiences 18+

My Thoughts:

London Bound by Nana Marlone is the first part in the Chase Brothers series.The author has done a very good job in writing a gripping and totally hot romance.

The whole story was basically about how Alexi and Abbie dealt with their problems together and emerged stronger in the end after beating all the ghosts together.The characters are very likable and realistic and therefore it is easy to relate to them.Alexi is a sexy hero who cares and loves Abbie with everything he has.He is not looking for love initially but Abbie changes his life. Abbie drove me crazy because she reacted too soon,without giving Alexi the chance to explain and frankly it was frustrating at times.She had been in an abusive relationship before and therefore I could understand her insecurities but sometimes running away everytime is not the solution.Both the characters had a substantial amount of baggage and I am happy that they got a HEA together.

I can't say much about the plotline wihout giving away the whole story.So I'll try to sum it up in a few words:

London Bound is a New Adult romance between two emotionally scarred individuals.It's true that this is a kind of romance where all the drama would be solved it the characters just sat together and talked but where is the fun in that?.Expect lots of drama and hot chemistry.





USA Today Best Seller and iTunes Breakout Books author,Nana Malone's love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she borrowed from her cousin.

It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She's been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.

While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, in the meantime Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is.

Nana also writes sizzling erotic novellas as Q. Malone:

Author links:


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Welcome to The Chatsfield..!! + A Giveaway..:)

Hellooo everyone..!!
This is the biggest and grandest series reveal we have ever done,so I am pretty much like in the following state now...

not as sexy as Katy Perry but the sentiment is pretty much the same...;)
So without any further delay,I present you......
 The Chatsfield.
Step into the opulent glory of the world's most elite hotel, where the clients are the impossibly rich and exceptionally famous.
For years, the children of global hotel entrepreneur Gene Chatsfield have shocked the world's media with their exploits. But no longer! When a new CEO is appointed to bring them into line, little does he know what he is starting. Will they rise to the challenge set by a man who hides dark secrets in his past?
Your room has been reserved. Explore the hotel to discover all the passion and scandal The Chatsfield has to offer….
Don't miss a single book in The Chatsfield miniseries! Collect all 8 fantastic titles and download the ebook prequel, available now.

The Chatsfield

 Harlequin, has launched The Chatsfield, a “first of its kind” digital series from Mills & Boon on 6th May. Set in the luxury hotel “The Chatsfield”, this digital series provides an extra journey for the reader to continue engaging with the characters of a book and series beyond what is just on the page, thereby extending the life of the story. The Chatsfield is a digital journey that blends fiction and reality and comes across multiple mediums including print (The Chatsfield Presents books), video (YouTube), digital (blogs and the main Chatsfield website) and social (twitter, Facebook).

To be a part of the digital journey, you can explore here:
The Chatsfield opened its doors on 6th May at

Some of the cool screenshots from the webpage are below.Go on hurry and be a part of something awesome...:)

Other important links:

#TheChatsfield – wherever possible

The Books


  Sheikh’s Scandal by Lucy Monroe

Sheikh Sayed of Zeena Sarha and his harem of beautiful women are staying at the exclusive, opulent Chatsfield Hotel, London, for the last stop on his worldwide tour before his wedding. But when his engagement is unceremoniously broken, Sayed sets his sights on his sexy chambermaid! 
Liyah Amari only took the position as chambermaid to find the truth about her birth father. But her search ends in heartache, leaving Liyah vulnerable to this powerful Sheikh's desires. Now their one night of passion could result in a scandalous consequence for the proud Sheikh! 
Welcome to The Chatsfield, London!

Lucy Monroe
Award-winning and bestselling author Lucy Monroe lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, surrounded by a plethora of pets and children (her own, the neighbors, her sisters…). She finds inspiration for her stories everywhere as she is an avid people-watcher. So much so that she disconcerted her husband upon first meeting him when she watched the other dancers as much as she watched him. He thought she wasn't interested…silly man.
She believes there is no stronger emotion than love; that it truly can overcome pain, past rejection and the challenge of finding happiness despite the hardest things life has to offer. She believes in the victorious conclusions found in today's romance. To her, the passionately sensual romance novel is a beautiful expression of the reality of love, packaged in a fantasy readers can enjoy.
When she's not writing, Lucy likes to read—big surprise, that. She can't tell you the latest show going on television, but she loves romantic movies, action adventure and the theater. She adores her family, and is a smatterer when it comes to hobbies…a little of this, a little of that.
Since selling her first book to the Harlequin Presents line in September of 2002, she has sold more than thirty books to three publishers and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.
Visit her web site to read about all of her books and see flash movies for select releases, including her Harlequin Presents title. She truly loves to hear from readers, and can be reached at


Playboy’s Lesson by Melanie Milburne

Lucca Chatsfield has one simple motto: no rings, no strings. Adored wherever he goes, he has yet to meet a woman who can resist him. Until he's sent to the small principality of Preitalle and meets his greatest challenge ever…. 
Poised and polished, princess Charlotte does not do drama. The very last person she needs interfering in her life is this reckless playboy! Lottie is determined to resist Lucca's seduction, but his charm is potent, and practically perfect Lottie finds herself risking everything for just one more touch….

Welcome to The Chatsfield, Monte Carlo!

Melanie Milburne
It was while she was supposed to be studying for her final high school exams that Melanie Milburne read her first Mills & Boon novel. She was 17 and decided right then and there she would continue reading romance novels, and not only that, she would settle for no less than a tall dark handsome hero as her future husband. Well, she's not only still reading romance but writing it as well! And the tall dark handsome hero, you ask? She fell in love with him on the second date and was secretly engaged to him within six weeks.
They moved to Scotland so he could work and study for his M.D. in surgery, and two sons later, arrived in Hobart, Tasmania—the jewel in the Australian crown. Once their boys were safely at school, Melanie went back to university and upgraded her teaching qualifications to a bachelor's and then master's degree.
As part of her final assessment she conducted a tutorial in literary theory concentrating on the romance genre. She had the tutorial room decked out with hearts and champagne and roses and was standing at the front of the room reading a paragraph from the novel of a prominent Harlequin Mills & Boon author when the door suddenly burst open. The husband that she thought was safely tucked away in an operating theater doing what surgeons are supposed to do was actually standing there dressed in a tuxedo, his dark brown compelling gaze centered on her startled blue one. He strode purposefully across the room, hauled Melanie into his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately before setting her back down and leaving without a single word. The lecturer gave Melanie a High Distinction and her fellow students gave her jealous glares! You can see by now her pilgrimage into romance writing was more or less set!
As well as writing full-time, Melanie is also a keen athlete. She enjoys long-distance running and is a nationally ranked top-10 master's swimmer in Australia, holding several individual state records. She learned to swim as an adult, so for anyone out there who thinks they can't do something—you can! Her motto is "Don't say I can't; say I CAN TRY."
Melanie loves the pace and passion of the Harlequin Mills & Boon Presents series and hopes fans enjoy reading her stories as much as she loves writing them.

 Socialite’s Gamble by Michelle Conder

As the darling of London's party scene, Cara Chatsfield isn't surprised when her father's CEO sends her to Las Vegas to host The Chatsfield's world-famous poker tournament. And if behind the glitz and glamour there's a girl hurt by her past? She'll never tell.  
Aidan Kelly detests women like Cara, but when his biggest rival includes Cara in the stakes, Aidan must win—and not just for her protection! But getting to know the stunning socialite, he discovers a beautiful, vulnerable young woman awoken by his own personal brand of passion!  
Welcome to The Chatsfield, Las Vegas!
Michelle Conder
After graduating from the University of Melbourne, Michelle Conder took a variety of jobs before packing her bags and traveling and working overseas. When none of the career opportunities she encountered grabbed her she returned to Australia, and after more study decided to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a writer.
Michelle now lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children; when she isn't writing, she loves to visit faraway places and spend time with her family and friends.


This is the trailer for the Chatsfield webisodes, called The Loedown:


--10 winners will get copies of The Chatsfield series (Books 1-3)

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Review: Nazaqat by Sasha H Singhal

Published on: 2013 by Half Baked Beans
Pages: 204
Source: Received Review Copy.


Naazani, a shy girl with a lonely childhood, was born and brought up in Dehradun. She moves to a metropolitan for further education and gets absorbed. In a series of events, she decides to adopt prostitution and becomes one of the most successful high profile escorts of the city with the help of her manager Sharat.
In a quest to be successful, she leaves her friends behind and dedicates more time to her profession. Nazaqat witnesses a police raid at a nearby place and the real scenario of prostitution terrifies her.She decides to take a stand and do something about it. However, Sharat convinces her that she is not powerful enough to make a difference.
Nazaqat retires and pool all her money and starts a restaurant – Joy foods in partnership with Sharat. The business grows and soon enough they have numerous outlets in various cities and Naazani Singh Shekhawat emerges as a significant entrepreneur of nation.
To cherish the old memories, she organizes a group together and calls all her old friends. Next morning, it is found that something drastic happened the night before. 
Meanwhile, she invites an author – Matthews, who is an old acquaintance to pen down her own biography. He visits her each night and in a series of ten nights, her story finds its crescendo.
Will prostitution be legalized? What’s her intention with the biography she is planning? What shall be the fate of Naazani Singh Shekhawat aka Nazaqat?

My Thoughts

When the author contacted me with a review request the first thing that I noticed was the cover- it's so beautiful, simply exquisite. But what caught my full attention was "Will prostitution be legalized?" This is something that people in India never talk openly and here we get a whole book with a prostitute's story (WOW). 

Finally I got to read Nazaqat's story.

The story starts in the year 2030 where Naazani is a successful entrepreneur and has announced her decision to file a petition to legalize prostitution in India which has created a lot of ruckus in media. Now people are hungry for her blood. But that doesn't bother her, she had already made arrangements to live forever by hiring Mathews to write her story. 

"... I will live; through this book, forever." 

Mathews happily agreed to write the book as he had his own list of questions. Why she choose prostitution? Why is she trying to legalize it? What happened on that drastic night? Who is the real culprit behind the death of (a character)? etc.etc.
Mathews enthusiastically begins recording her story as Naazani delves into her past. Into Nazaqat's story. 

While following Nazaqat's journey we meet a lonely little girl Naazani, a caring n loving friend Naez and an independent woman Nazaqat. Don't assume that I am talking about three different women instead I am talking about three different personas of the same woman. 

Naazani was a lonely little girl from a small town of Dehradun who spent her childhood with no friends and in not so family like environment. She didn't had anyone with whom she could talk about anything and everything ('the forbidden questions of puberty'). So there came a time when Google became her only asylum to get her answers. And in her own words:

"... Internet became her family, Google her Best-friend. It had answers to all her silly and mature questions."

As time passed Naazani perfected the art of flirting and with her shifting to big city Delhi she morphed into Naez, made friends and overcame her shyness. Naez was an open minded, modern girl who liked to take her own decisions and was an amazing friend. Her friends include- bubbly n supportive Dilli girl Priyanka, restless n gay fashion designer Ishank and Biplab the guy who was madly in love with her. But Naez didn't do commitment. According to her:

"There are two overrated things in the world Mathews. While one of them is love, surprisingly the other is education."

And then there comes Nazaqat. After a meeting with Sharat and a series of events Naez decides to become Nazaqat and takes up prostitution as profession on her own will. Her friends show complete support but Priyanka and Biplab also keep trying to persuade Naez to kill Nazaqat (leave prostitution). Nazaqat was the most beautiful girl, she had every other man at her feet. Nazaqat is a strong, Independent women but she her ego which made her do brutal things.

"A Slut is just a woman with morals of a man."

The story is nicely woven. Author has fabricated a captivating plot and used beautiful words (there were several quotes that I wanted to mark). I liked the way story unfolded- with each chapter focusing on one singular topic, like her relationship with each characters and other important aspects. The characters are simple and unique with their own distinct voices. This book contained a good amount of drama and had several instances which remind us the harsh realities of our world. The slow build up towards the fateful night creates a right amount of suspense to keep the readers mind occupied. The best part was the climax. I never saw that coming, it was brilliant, a work of total genius. Highlight of the book was the poem "An Ode to the Mermaid", each stanza before every chapter perfectly complemented the progressing plot.
Personally I felt that there were few loose ends. Like we don't know much about her fathers reaction, what happened between the friends after the bizarre court-case? and lastly I really wanna know how she acquired her father's money. Also I felt that at few instances the story was not strong enough to keep me glued to the book

Overall it was an awesome experience to know Nazaqat, her powerful words and her world. And I think everyone should visit it at-least once. 

4 out of 5

*I was provided a copy by the author for reviewing purpose. All the thoughts mentioned here are non-partial and my own.

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