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Review: The Christmas Honeymoon by Alicia and Roy Street

source: Goodreads

Publication Date: 3rd December 2013
Pages: 86
Source: Owns a Kindle copy


Serena always loved Christmas, but her favorite holiday season only brings on heartache after her groom-to-be runs off with another woman only a week before her December wedding. Giving back the wedding gifts and enduring the humiliating gossip in her small town proves to be too much for the quiet librarian who’d been the brunt of nerd jokes in high school, and Serena leaves town—only to return a year later determined to take back her life, her pride, and her joy in Christmas. 

Damien has his own reasons for hating Christmas. No sweet and silly stuff for this handsome Scrooge, who hurls himself into extreme sports, almost daring nature to break through his hard shell. So why does he find his icy heart melting when confronted with the timid librarian whose sweet smile haunts his dreams? 

My Thoughts

When I started reading this book I already knew that it will have a nice and happy ending, it's a Christmas novella after all. I loved reading The Christmas Honeymoon it has a perfect blend of Christmas element and romance well along with some drama. ☺

Serena had her heart broken when her soon to be husband left her few days before the marriage during the Christmas season but instead of turning away from the festival she is back to her town to celebrate Christmas and find the old Serena back. Now the only thing she need is courage to face her ex-fiancé and his wife and those pitiful looks from the people of her town.
Damien have lots of bad memories and has endured so much hurt for many Christmases' that he has become a total scrooge who doesn't see anything special or merry about the festival. He is in search of a wife who could make is house a home and he finally feels that feeling that pull when he sees Serena first time at the cafe.
Story revolves around these two characters, how Serena finally give into her heart's feelings, even though her mind is saying just opposite to do and helps Damien in finding back his Christmas spirit. How Damien helps Serena find her courage to stand up for herself and to be able to answer back the bullies whom she feared since high school.

This story is about second chances, self believing, standing up for oneself and embracing the season's spirit. It has a strong protagonist and a sexy hero with tough exterior and soft heart.
The authors have woven a nice story with perfectly timed twists, believable and relate-able characters sprinkled with a perfect pair of evil villains. ;)

I give this sweet novella 5 out of 5. ☻

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  1. Congrats on your new blog! I'm a follower here and on Twitter--thanks for the follow.

    Sometimes it's great to read a sweet story with a happy ending. :-)

    1. Thank you :)
      Yes, these sweet stories with Happy ending sometimes prove a great way to escape the stress and tension


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