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Author Interview: Rebecca Hamilton


Hey Everyone!!! Today I will be having my first ever author interview with Rebecca Hamilton author of my favorite book The Forever Girl (my review). 

The Forever Girl is special to me, it is the reason I started reviewing books and got the idea of entering the blogging world and this is the story that induced my thirst to read more novels without looking for any big names attached to them. 

To celebrate the success of her first book The Forever Girl Rebecca is having a month long celebration ongoing- FOREVER GIRL MONTH. She has planned out awesome events for the entire month. More details at her blog.

Now onto the Interview. (I am so excited :D )

Me: Hello Rebecca!!! Please Tell us something about yourself.
Rebecca: I LOVE Tacos. As in, I could eat them every day and never get sick of them! My favorite combo is chicken and blackbean tacos :)

Me: Describe The Forever Girl in 10 words.
Rebecca: Here are some words reviewers have used to describe The Forever Girl: Whimsical. Funny. Tantalizing. Extraordinary. Captivating. Wonderfully-written. Mysterious. Impressive. Romantic. Intriguing.

Me: What was your Inspiration for The Forever Girl?
Rebecca: I often find my inspiration in people I know, but I think story-wise a lot of my inspirations comes from shows like Charmed and movies like The Craft and books like The Crucible.

Me: While bringing The Forever Girl to life what was the most challenging part?
Rebecca: Rewriting is always the most challenging part of bringing a story to life for me, especially in a story as complex as The Forever Girl. All the small things work together in a story like this, and any small change has a rippling effect

Me: And what was the most fun/favorite part?
Rebecca: I think the big "twist" was the most fun! I love when a character that seems so unassuming can take over a story like that, and I hadn't seen it coming as I was writing!
(Me: The "twist" really fun. I loved it while reading.You executed it so well :) )
Me: While writing the book with which Character you had the most fun?

Rebecca: Thalia is one of the most fun characters to write. She's just the right amount of equal parts insane and insecure and selfish to really make a well-rounded bad guy!
(Me: I liked her character I just want li'l bit more on her. While reading the book I felt like I didn't got much time to connect with and know Thalia)

Me: Why did you decided to go Indie? And How is your experience so far?
Rebecca: I had a lot of close calls with major publishers that never came through and I just wasn't in love with any of the smaller publishers or what they had to offer. So I decided to just go for it myself, after some encouragement from "fans" I had at the time. I'm really glad that I did! And in doing so, I found my agent and snagged some publishers overseas. Now The Forever Girl is being translated in different languages, such as German and Hungarian, and I couldn't be happier! Also, through all of this, I have met some amazing people I might not have met if not for having published myself.
(Me: Yay!!! Congratulations on reaching overseas. :D )

Me: Any Suggestions for authors who are deciding to go Indie?

Rebecca: Yes! Take the time to put the work into your story. Don't let not having a publisher slow you down. Find an editor, have a beautiful cover designed, learn some things about marketing, and GO FOR IT!

Me: If offered a deal from a traditional publisher in future will you accept it?
Rebecca: Absolutely! My agent is still looking for the right American publisher, and in the meantime I have already accepted contracts from Harlequin's "Darkiss" in Germany and IPC books in Hungary!

Me: When did you first realized that you wanted to an author?
Rebecca: After I wrote my first book! It was a bucket list item at first, but once I finished The Forever Girl I knew I had found my "career" (aside from being a mommy). Now I'm in it for the long haul!

Me: What are you currently working on? Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

Rebecca: I'm working on book 2 of The Forever Girl series called COME THE DARK. A preview of the first chapter can be viewed here

(Me: I am really excited for the 2nd book. Have waiting for it since the day I finished book 1.) 

Me: You ever thought of changing anything in The Forever Girl after it was out in the market? 

Rebecca: Actually, I DID! I changed the beginning half of the story to tighten up the pacing!

Me: Have you ever experienced a writers block? 

Rebecca: Nope, but I get frequent editor's block. Or maybe I'm just procrastinating!

Me: What is your writing style? (I mean do you first plan out everything and then write or go with the flow or something else)

Rebecca: I've done both! I prefer to just write as I go, because I write faster that way, but I edit faster when I plan first, and I hate rewriting so keeping rewriting to a minimum helps!

Me: How do you relax/decompress?

Rebecca: Television! I don't watch TV often but when I do it successfully puts me to sleep every time :)

(Me: Same pinch >.<)

A little fun with This Or That :D

Tea or Coffee? COFFEE -- but with lots of flavor and whipped cream, etc, to the point it's not really coffee anymore. I love hazelnut cafe con leche best :)

Soda or Juice? JUICE

Vanilla or Chocolate? CHOCOLATE

Halloween or Christmas? CHRISTMAS


Sunny Day or Rains? SUNNY!

eBooks or traditional? TRADITIONAL.

Vampires or Werewolves? VAMPIRES.

Romance or Thriller? THRILLER

Charles or Adrian? CHARLES

Me: Thank you very much Rebecca for the Interview and also for giving us such a fascinating world in The Forever Girl.

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