Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hello guys...
sorry people i know once i have captured the blog address i should start posting on it... but  Sorry guys i won't be able to post now right now i am scheduling several posts so that once when i become active i wont have to rush and worry daily about what to post so right now i am collecting all my reviews in one place to post them properly...
i hope you people will understand

♥ Anubha


  1. Getting some posts together sounds like a good idea and it will allow you a little more freedom once you start posting more regularly. Hope all is well!

  2. Replies
    1. I want to but. I can't post daily. I can post only weekly that is one review a week, which i think is not enough. I am confused that should i go with my wish to blog or should i completely drop it. This is the reason i haven't posted anything untill now

  3. Anubha- Many people only post one review a week. That is fine! Don't put any pressure on yourself to have a certain number a week. You can always try for one and then decide. :) Best of luck!

    1. okie... :) so i am going to start with 1 review or so a week... :D

      will post my first post today in few minutes
      Thank you

    2. I guess it will take more time :/
      As i am facing problems in editing on blogger. I don't know how to add the synopsis alongside the cover...
      Guess i need to first get myself educate about blogger...
      But I will try to post my first post before July


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